June 16, 2022
Plainview lab before renovations
Before the renovation, the labs
were not well lit and space was
not optimized

By Jocelyn Castellanos, Program Manager, CAES

CAES’ Power Solutions facility in Plainview, New York is completing a series of renovations to upgrade the interior of the building; the largest investment in the manufacturing site in the last 40 years. The multiphase renovation will transform the factory into a modern, state of the art facility.

“Our employees, customers, suppliers and other key stakeholders will see a noticeable difference in our facility as we continue our commitment to space and national defense,” noted Ted Damaskinos Space Vice President, Power Solutions. “We cannot wait to show the finished product to all of our customers and see the smiles on our employee’s faces.”

Planning the renovation started several years ago. Jeff Winchell, Vice President, Operations saw potential in the facility and pushed for a full-scale factory transformation in Plainview that would create a cleaner environment, upgrade lighting, furnishings and restroom facilities, establish more efficient work flow areas, and add additional amenities.

Renovation Team
Leaders of the Reformation team Sean McDonough, Facilities Manager, and Abbas Diab, Manufacturing Engineering

A Site Reformation team was led by Sean McDonough, Facilities Manager, and Abbas Diab, Manufacturing Engineering. The goal of repositioning the factory was to introduce more automation, machine learning and real time data. By moving manufacturing lines to create efficiencies, the team was able to find space to add a new confidential lab and a wellness room for new mothers. Another added bonus of the renovation was updating to energy efficient windows and doors.

During construction, McDonough developed a detailed plan with eight developmental phases to limit the disruption of work and included a communication plan to keep staff updated on progress. McDonough also headed negotiations with contractors while working through the challenges of the pandemic and severe northeast winter weather. Diab was tasked with helping with technical specifications for equipment, office seating layout and new workbenches for production employees.

Renovations began in September 2021, focusing on identifying opportunities for space utilization and proper flow for more efficient production, but also adding functionality and energy efficiency. The first section of work focused on reunifying the Synthesizer production space and making room for the new Hyperion GAN Single Stage Converter Program. The next phase included replacing the HiRel and Cleanroom renovations. During this time, many Plainview employees worked from home due to the renovation of the office and cubical area.

Rolling renovations continued into spring, where the Reformation team began updating all bathrooms, hallways and a large conference room. The team also completed a new IT office space in May. Cleanroom renovations advanced in June with updates to the furnace and inspection areas. The new large conference room is now fully functional and getting great use!

Both McDonough and Diab continue to take great care in mitigating work disruptions as much as possible. Site leader Damaskinos noted that renovations have not impacted production and the entire Plainview staff has remained cooperative and collaborative.

We cannot wait to show the finished product to all of our customers and see the smiles on our employee’s faces.
– Ted Damaskinos

Construction is almost complete and the Plainview team is very excited to show off their much-improved facility with customers and visitors.

“We are proud of the investment that CAES has made in the Plainview facility and look forward to showing our customers the great updated facility where we build quality products to solve tomorrow’s space needs,” notes Damaskinos.