March 29, 2021

Arlington, Va.CAES, a leading provider of mission critical electronics for aerospace and defense, announced at the GOMACTech conference today our UT54LVDS328 Low Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) device successfully completed Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) qualification requirements, ensuring its footprint in future space missions.  The UT54LVDS328 400 Mbps Octal Repeater, targeted to LVDS Cold Spare and SpaceVPX applications, utilizes LVDS input-output logic standard for low power, high-speed operation and reduced electromagnetic interference (EMI) of data transmission for point-to point interconnects.

 “For nearly 20 years, CAES has demonstrated its unwavering commitment to empower the world’s leading spacecraft,” said Kevin Jackson, senior vice president and general manager, Space Systems Division, CAES. “The UT54LVDS328 embodies this commitment as it’s designed to seamlessly interface and protect mission critical space field programmable gate arrays and microprocessors, with the added bonus of having a differential clock buffer.”

UT54LVDS328 provides the basic bus repeater function. Repeating the signal restores the LVDS amplitude to drive another media segment and allow for isolation of segments or long distance applications. The device, packaged in a 48-lead flatpack, operates an 8-channel LVDS buffer with a 3.3V power supply and 200MHz clock channel. Additional features include 3.5mA LVDS TX output drivers, fast propagation delay of 3.5ns max and receiver input threshold <100mV. DLA Qualified Manufacturers List (QML) Class Q and V rating is expected within the coming weeks. For more information on our UT54LVDS328, visit the product page.

About CAES

CAES is the largest provider of analog and radiation hardened technology for the United States aerospace and defense industry. With a broad portfolio of off-the-shelf and customized RF, microwave and high reliability microelectronic products and subsystems, CAES offers a complete range of solutions for the entire signal chain from aperture to digital conversion.

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