March 15, 2021

Arlington, Va.CAES, a leading provider of mission critical electronic solutions, has recently received a contract from the United States government to develop advanced antenna technology solutions for hypersonic applications. Work will be performed by the CAES facilities in Lansdale, Pennsylvania and Exeter, New Hampshire.

“CAES is proud to help the US government develop groundbreaking antenna technology for hypersonic applications,” said Mike Kahn, President and CEO, CAES . “Leveraging our extensive pedigree in developing aperture and antenna technology from our work on orbital launch vehicles, missiles, and guided munitions, CAES is committed to ensuring our customers’ success in developing solutions for this critical national priority.”

CAES capabilities applicable to hypersonic applications include: advanced seeker technologies for proximity and height-of-burst sensing, datalinks, telemetry, microwave components, high temperature antennas, phased array sensors, on board processing, radiation hardened microelectronics and cryptographic ASICs.

About CAES Missile Portfolio

CAES is a premiere provider of mission-critical technologies for US military missile and munition systems. With a missile and munition pedigree spanning over 50 years and products on virtually every RF guided missile and munition in the US inventory, CAES offers a full range of solutions for the world’s most advance weapon systems. Key capabilities include advanced seeker technology, proximity and height-of-burst (HOB) sensing, datalinks, telemetry, microwave components, assemblies and subsystems, antennas and phased arrays, transmit/receive solutions, radiation hardened (RadHard) and high reliability microelectronics and RadHard precision motors and actuators. From tactical missiles to strategic weapons systems, CAES technology enables critical missile systems to perform as intended when they are needed most. For more information, please visit

About CAES

CAES is the largest provider of analog and radiation hardened technology for the United States aerospace and defense industry. With a broad portfolio of off-the-shelf and customized RF, microwave and high reliability microelectronic products and subsystems, CAES offers a complete range of solutions for the entire signal chain from aperture to digital conversion.

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