June 22, 2020

The new UT54LVDS454 is the industry's fastest LVDS-LVDS quad repeater and dual transceiver, providing ultimate protection for today's high-end Microprocessors and Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs); ideal for emerging SpaceVPX ecosystem.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions (CAES), a leading provider of mission critical electronics for space applications, announced today the space industry’s first 1.25 Gbps LVDS Repeater/Transceiver. Featuring a maximum 1.25 Gbps data rate, the UT54LVDS454 is a single, high-performance, low voltage differential signaling (LVDS) device that can be configured by high speed signal pin connections to the PCB for operation as either a dual transceiver or quad repeater. Available in a small footprint ceramic column grid array (C-CGA) package, CAES’ UT54LVDS454 is an ideal solution for protecting space-grade Microprocessors and FPGAs, including those supporting the SpaceVPX ecosystem.  The UT54LVDS454 significantly reduces design risk and overall development costs in these applications.

 “Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions (CAES) has been designing solutions for the space market for decades and as such, is able to fulfill next-generation market trends that meet current and future customer needs,” said Kevin Jackson, vice president and general manager, Semiconductor and Space Solutions, CAES. “Our new UT54LVDS454 LVDS-LVDS Repeater/Transceiver exemplifies this capability and continues this tradition.”

 About the UT54LVDS454 LVDS-LVDS Repeater/Transceiver

Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions’ UT54LVDS454 Repeater/Transceiver is protocol independent and features a small footprint utilizing a 9.0mm x 10.0mm C-CGA package with cold sparing of all pins. The all-pins cold-sparing feature, coupled with external RX/TX 100Ω termination resistors, and small C-CGA package footprint, provides for maximum flexibility in systems requiring mission critical serial link redundancy. The UT54LVDS454 operates on a 2.5V ±5% power supply, and it is compatible with TIA/EIA-644A LVDS standard. In addition, the user-selectable TX drive current strength and back-termination options, enables maximum system flexibility optimizing power dissipation vs data rate and reach.  For more information, visit www.caes.com/UT54LVDS454.

 About Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions
Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions (CAES) provides a number of mission-critical and specialized solutions for harsh environments. CAES supplies defense, space, commercial aviation, security, medical, and industrial markets with critical solutions for communication on land, sea, air, and in space. Our products reliably move data through off-the-shelf and customized products and subsystems including RF, microwave, and high reliability microelectronics, antenna apertures and motion control solutions.