Crosspoint Switch


CAES Crosspoint Switch is a protocol independent, high-speed, multi-Gbps switch supporting the SpaceVPX/VITA 78 standard. 

CAES Crosspoint Switch is ideal for use in a variety of applications including high-speed serial repeater, signal distribution, primary and redundant switching, port replications and SpaceVPX data plane switching.  Our crosspoint switch is fully compatible with the VITA 78 standard by virtue of its enhanced redundancy and fault tolerance, which are critical attributes for HiRel space systems.

Crosspoint Switch

Part Number Channels Date Rate I/O Type TID
Package Flight Grade SMD Part Number
UT65CML8X8FD 8x84x41x1 3.125Gbps/Channel CML 100 ≤100 143-Pin CLGA
143-Pin CBGA
143-Pin CCGA
QML-V Pending
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Crosspoint Switch

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