About Us


CAES is an American company that combines leading technologies in the aerospace and defense electronics industry.
Our legacy of innovation launched in 1934 when pioneering aviator Sir Alan Cobham founded Flight Refuelling Ltd., to develop in flight refueling.
Diversifying into the U.S. defense electronics market, Cobham acquired leading firms providing digital, RF, microwave, and millimeter wave technology such as: Aeroflex, Kevlin, Continental Microwave, MA/COM, Trivec Avant, REMEC, Gaisler and many more at its core.

1934:  Cobham plc is founded by Sir Alan Cobham

1994: Cobham plc acquires Atlantic Microwave Corporation, the first acquisition to become part of what is known today as Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions (CAES)

1996:  Acquisition of Continental Microwave Tool & Co. and Kevlin Corporation

1997:  Acquisition of Nurad Technologies Inc.

1998:  Acquisition of Premier Microwave

2001: Acquisition of Litton Airtron Microwave Product Line

2005: Acquisition of Microwave Development Company (MDC) as well as REMEC Defense and Space Inc.

2008:  Acquisition of BAE Systems’ Sensor and Antenna Systems Lansdale Inc.

2008:  Acquisition of Tyco Electronics’ M/A-COM Radio Frequency Components and Subsystems business (Whose portfolio consisted of acquired solutions from Microwave Associates as well as Stellex Microwave/Watkins Johnson and Adams-Russell)

2011:  Acquisition of Trivec Avant Corporation

2014:  Acquisition of Aeroflex

2020: Advent International acquires Cobham plc

2021: Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions rebrands itself CAES

2021: CAES acquires Colorado Engineering Inc. (CEI)

2023: Divestiture of CAES Space Systems division to Veritas Capital

2023: CAES acquires Herley (the specialist RF portion of Ultra)

With Advent International’s acquisition of Cobham, CAES is now a standalone, U.S. based company operating with an independent Board of Directors. CAES technologies enable our customers to enhance their systems’ accuracy, range, power, speed, and reliability.

From outer space to the depths of the ocean and everywhere in between, CAES’s innovative solutions are serving customers in the defense, space and satellite, security, industrial and medical industries. CAES technology underpins many high-profile programs such as the F-35, Surface Electronic Warfare Improvement Program (SEWIP), Air and Missile Defense Radar (AMDR/SPY-6), AEGIS (SPY-1), and Standard Missile family (RIM-156/161/171), to name a few.

Our technologies comprise many aspects of an RF front-end such as antennas and apertures, T/R modules, digital receivers and exciters, frequency converters, synthesizers, preselectors, switch matrices, motion control products, integrated microwave assemblies, waveguides, cables, and rotary joints. We also offer Radiation-Hardened by Design microelectronics, power devices, ASICs, intellectual property, and radiation testing services for a variety of high reliability applications on earth and in space.