CAES designs and manufactures leading-edge solid state GaN-based power amplifiers with unrivaled power density, minimum SWaP and best-in-class efficiency. 

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8508093-1 Wideband, High-Power, RF Amplifier

CAES Power Amplifiers are ruggedized subassemblies and can be integrated into virtually any aerospace or defense system, be it manned or unmanned aircraft, surface vessels, ground vehicles, missiles or space. Key features include: 

  • Frequency coverage to Ka-Band
  • Modular, HPA building blocks available
  • Low loss waveguide power combining technique can be used to combine multiple units to deliver output power greater than 12 kW for pulse or continuous wave (CW) operation
  • TWT  replacement with GaN HEMT for size, affordability, and reliability improvements
  • Bandwidths in excess of 10:1, while minimizing/combining loss and preserving signal fidelity
  • Available topologies include COTS and proprietary, custom GaN devices, as needed to meet customer SWaP constraints
  • Tolerant of high VSWR/high-gamma loads
  • Integrated level control, gain control and equalization
  • Integrated power supplies
  • Full redundancy for critical functions with enhanced graceful degradation features
  • Compatible with all EW modulation techniques
  • NPR, EVM optimized designs available
  • User control options via analog or digital signal processing; RS-485, Ethernet or SPI
  • Fully upgradeable for future technology insertions
  • Thermal Management; Air and liquid cooled solutions available
  • Radiation-tolerant solutions available
  • MIL-PRF-38534 options available
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