Data Links and Telemetry


CAES provides data links and telemetry modules for use in UAV systems, missiles and munitions.

Explore CAES’ data link and telemetry capabilities:

  • Multi-band, single-aperture configurations
  • Carbon composite, petalized reflectors
  • High power solutions
  • High data rates
  • Transportable, SWaP-optimized, quick-deploy
  • Customizable for frequency band, remote switch/flop, high power, platform-stabilization, etc
For Airborne and Weapon Applications

Custom Data Link and Telemetry Solutions for Airborne and Weapon Applications

CAES provides compact, rugged, frequency agile, networking friendly data link and telemetry solutions. They offer low loss performance with high channel-to-channel isolation, in platform-specific, SWaP optimization, and customized form factors.


  • Very small, custom form-factors
  • Meets military-specified requirements for missile, munition, and airborne platforms
  • Encoder and encryption options
data link

Tactical Common Data Links (TCDLs)

CAES TCDL solutions are employed in data link systems for UAV tracking, command, control, and telemetry vis Common Data Link (CDL) and TCDL. They can cover multiple bands and include Tx/Rx RF electronics and diplexers to enable remote swap/flop. Systems are transportable via transit cases and are quick to deploy.


  • Multi-band, single-aperture configurations
  • High gain/data rates
  • Transportable, SWaP optimized, quick deploy
  • Can be customized for frequency band, remote switch/flop, platform stabilization, digitization, etc.
data link
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