CAES Helix Antennas are designed with over 60 years of antenna design expertise. Available in both normal and axial modes, CAES Helix Antennas are standard equipment on  electronic warfare systems worldwide and deliver the performance required for today’s most demanding defense applications.

Our helix antenna portfolio includes:  

  • Moderate to high directivity, low side and back lobes, circular polarization, and are high efficiency required for satellite communication links and high power jamming
  • Normal-mode designs with a small footprint and low directivity radiation patterns; linear polarization 
  • Monofilar, bifilar, and quadrifilal designs available to meet customer polarization and radiation pattern requirement
  • Unique spiral helix antennas that provide attributes of a planar spiral antenna with that of an axial mode helix. While ultra wideband (36:1 bandwidth), these antennas provide a semi-constant beamwidth
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