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We are CAES.
CAES (Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions) technology pioneers the future and underpins many of the world’s most critical missions. Our RF, microwave and millimeterwave solutions enable missile defense radars and missile seekers, electronic warfare systems that keep warfighters safe, communications systems that keep the world connected, and civil aviation radars that ensure the safety of the flying public. Our radhard microelectronics empower the world’s leading spacecraft: from leading high throughput commercial communications satellites, earth observation satellites, and manned space, to high priority national security missions, deep space exploration to Mars and beyond, and the latest new space constellations. In addition, our high reliability microelectronics enable genome sequencers and CT scanners that health care professionals use to improve people’s health, including helping to diagnose COVID-19.

We partner with customers, co-investing in technology development and program assets to enable them to win their most strategically important programs. 


From inception and development engineering, to full rate production and sustainment, we work closely with customers as partners throughout the program lifecycle.  Their success is our success. 

We are comprised of talented makers, thinkers and doers who like to solve complex problems.  Located throughout the United States as well as in Mexico and Sweden; our employees are mission driven, proud of the world-class products they manufacture for the most important needs of our time.  As a people focused organization, we empower our employees to drive excellence in all that we do.

CAES is the largest provider of analog and radiation hardened technology for the United States aerospace and defense industry.  With a broad portfolio of off-the-shelf and customized RF, microwave and high reliability microelectronic products and subsystems, CAES offers a complete range of solutions for the entire signal chain from aperture to digital conversion.

CAES has a long storied history in aerospace and defense, comprised of some of the industry's advanced electronics pioneers.
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