Electronic Warfare

CAES Redefines the Digital Battlefield
Fusing Electronic Warfare (EW) products with today’s advanced technology and decades of engineering, production, and sustainment experience, CAES enables customers to fully exploit the electromagnetic spectrum. Our custom EW design services span prototype to production, while CAES building blocks technology feature a wide range of antennas and RF and microwave components, modules and subsystems.
By accessing the industry’s most advanced and disruptive technologies, our customers are able to outpace their adversaries using the electromagnetic spectrum and directed energy.
We work as a trusted partner with prime system integrators to ensure that our technology development roadmaps are in alignment; that our products integrate well for optimum performance; and deploy modeling and simulation tools for design optimization and development speed.

From high frequency (HF) through millimeter wave, operating across the land, sea, air and space domains, our products and services address any electronic warfare need, from Electronic Attack and Electronic Protection to Electronic Support.

Electronic Attack

CAES Electronic Attack Components, Modules and Subsystems are deployed across multiple applications:

  • Communications jamming equipment
  • Suppression of enemy Integrated Air Defense Systems (IADS)
  • Directed Energy Weapons (DEW)
  • Expendable decoys (chaff and flares)

We offer a variety of solutions for electronic attack systems including a range of pod-based, solid-state and travelling-wave tube transmitters; amplifiers; antennas; power supplies; controls and cooling subsystems that together deliver wide operating bandwidth and high output power and reliability.

Low-band Transmitters for Communications Countermeasures

The EA-18G Growler carries the CAES Integrated Antenna/Radome and Low-Band Transmitter, which are designed to protect strike aircraft, ships and ground troops by disrupting enemy radar and communications.

Exciters for Radar and Communications

CAES Exciter expertise encompasses radar and communications waveform generation using both analog and digital techniques. Signal generation via direct digital synthesis (DDS) allows for faster tuning, programmability and flexible modulation.

High-Power Transmit Antennas

CAES develops extremely high-power antennas for fixed and ground-mobile applications, including jamming systems, threat simulators and communication systems.

Radar Countermeasures

By combining multiple high-power travelling wave tube amplifiers, CAES developed the Band 9/10 Transmitter, used for long-range jamming.


Electronic Protection

CAES Electronic Protection solutions include spread spectrum technologies, radio emissions control (EMCON) and low observability stealth technology. 

CAES Electronic Warfare Self Protection (EWSP) products and services offer a suite of countermeasure solutions to protect land, sea and air platforms from weapons fire. Our EWSP products and services include an extensive suite of radar warning receivers (RWR) fitted to fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft.

Electronic Warfare Support and Electronic Surveillance

CAES Electronic Warfare Support products and services provide operational commanders the ability to search for, identify, locate and intercept localized sources of radiated electromagnetic energy.

Our Electronic Surveillance products and services enable immediate threat recognition, targeting and other tactical actions such as threat avoidance and homing. Our products are also used for Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) to analyze intercepted frequencies and identify traits such as frequency, bandwidth, modulation and polarization.

CAES has developed and deployed Electronic Surveillance subsystems on multiple fixed- and rotary wing aircraft, attack-class submarines, missiles and ground vehicles.