Sinuous Antennas provide RF performance similar to comparably-sized planar spiral antennas, while also supporting reception of multiple signal polarizations. CAES offers a variety of sinuous antennas to meet your design needs.

CAES Sinuous Antennas are available to support virtually any polarization need including dual-linear and dual (LHCP+RHCP) circular. In addition, low loss RF switches can be easily integrated to allow user polarization selection via a DC-bias on the RF center conductor. Key features include:

  • Dual-linear and dual-circular polarization
  • Integrated (optional) solid state RF switch enables user selectable polarization
  • Integrated (optional) hybrid provides dual circular polarization
  • Ultra wide bandwidth (up to 36:1)
  • Low axial ratio and minimal beam squint
  • Available as phase and amplitude matched-sets for precision direction finding and interferometer applications
  • Qualified for severe military airborne environment
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