CAES designs and manufactures custom Interferometer Arrays for high-precision, signal interception, and direction-finding, missions. As a designer and manufacturer of antennas and RF Front-End electronics, CAES is uniquely qualified to provide turnkey, custom Interferometers with integrated RF Front-End electronics that provide world-class AoA accuracy.

CAES Interferometers are ruggedized subassemblies with optimized SwaP-C and can be integrated into virtually any asset, be it manned or unmanned aircraft, surface vessels, ground vehicles, or missiles. Key features of CAES Interferometer Arrays include:

  • High-Precision, Phase-based, Short-Baseline-Interferometry (SBI), for COMINT and ELINT direction-finding, missions.
  • 1-D and 2-D Interferometry with optimized SwaP-C performance.
  • Available antenna solutions include Horns, Spirals, and Sinuous, allowing optimization of field-of-view, polarization, and sensitivity, to suit customer requirements. 
  • Available with integrated RF Front-End including filters, limiters, gain stages, and channelizing. 
  • Integrated RF Front-Ends provide low-noise, high-gain assembly with high channel to channel isolation.
  • Imbedded Filter/channelizers provide high OIP2 and suppress undesired spurs.
  • Available with both real-time and onboard-storage calibration.
  • Integrated microcontroller and/or FPGA-based command and control solutions. 
  • Full user control via RS-422, Ethernet, or SPI.
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Interferometers for high-precision signal interception and direction-finding, missions

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