Reflector Antennas


CAES Reflector Antennas are custom designed for mission-critical defense applications and provide functionality for datalink, electronic warfare, SATCOM and telemetry.

CAES designs and manufactures a wide variety of reflector antennas including:

  • Prime focus, offset, Cassegrain, and Gregorian arrangements tailored to meet unique customer needs 
  • L-, S-, C-, through Ku- and Ka-Band 
  • CAES Reflector Antennas are designed for on-the-move satellite communications and are available in stowable, man-portable, configurations

CAES also offers antenna reflector subsystems including precision positioning gimbals and associated control electronics, low noise blocks (LNBs), transmit receive modules and RF front ends.

Reflector Antennas

Part Number Frequency
Range (MHz)
Polarization Gain (dBic) Beamwidth,
Azimuth (deg)
Elevation (deg)
D-1509-1 (Spinning DF) 0.7-40.0 RHCP -5 to 20 dBic 100/2 90/8 (consult factory)
8508585 (Spinning DF) 0.5-18.0 Slant-45 (consult factory) (consult factory) (consult factory) (consult factory)
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