A CAES senior leader recently took part in a thought leadership event bringing together government, military, industry, and academia to discuss the need for technology solutions for the aerospace and defense community. As a member of the Executive Steering Committee for the 2024 AIAA Defense Forum, Dr. Tony Mitchell, CAES Vice President of Advance Technology and Strategy, helped to guide program development for this year’s event.

In addition to being a member of the Executive Steering Committee, Dr. Mitchell also introduced a keynote panel at the forum, which took place this month, exploring how the Department of Defense develops innovative and operationally relevant capabilities focused on both concepts and architectures. Dr. Mitchell has been involved in the planning of the forum since 2017. 

“The AIAA Defense Forum is a closed event with extensive opportunities for engaging DoD leadership and industry technologists,” said Dr. Mitchell. “The panel sessions brought together policy leaders and industry decision-makers to spark discussions. It’s already on my calendar for next year.”

The 2024 AIAA Defense Forum was held April 16-18 at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab in Laurel, Maryland. The theme of the event was “Accelerating Technology Transition for Battlespace Dominance”. Keynote speakers and panelists explored the critical role of the science and technology community in providing innovative and operationally relevant capabilities to dominate the battlespace.