April 12, 2023

Chris Genco, Senior Principal Mechanical Engineer

When Chris Genco was going through school she knew that she did not like English or history class, so she figured she was going to work in a field related to math or science. As she continued through school she knew that she was either going to study accounting or engineering, but engineering had more problem-solving aspects to it that she enjoyed.

Though she did not always know that she wanted to be an engineer, she did know that she enjoyed taking things apart and putting them back together.

Genco has worked here at CAES since she was in school. At that time, the company was called AEL. Her program was set up where she would go to school for six months and then work for six months at a time.

Genco said it was the work-life balance and the people that have kept her here at the company. Genco enjoys having the opportunity to have more flexibility than other companies, getting to use that time to travel and spend time with family and friends.

Genco enjoys her team here at CAES. She shared how she has worked with a lot of the same people throughout the past 27 years and has been able to create some good friends along the way.

During her day-to-day, Genco typically deals with a lot of system-level work. She enjoys doing a variety of work and likes that she can expand beyond one product or aspect.

I like conceptual design, it’s like a puzzle and you have to see how the puzzle works and make sure it does not fall apart.
Chris Genco 


On the weekends you can find Genco playing soccer or doing CrossFit. She also enjoys playing strategy board games with her friends.

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