Merwin Tabliago: Engineering Manager – Woburn

At CAES, our people are our most important asset. We sat down with several of our engineers to learn more about their career paths, interests and why they enjoy working at CAES. Read on to learn more about Merwin Tabliago, Engineering Manager.

As early as elementary school, Merwin enjoyed finding out how things worked and fixing things that were broken. Merwin was born in the Philippines and moved to the United States with his family at the age of three. His dad aspired to become an engineer, giving him the dream to fulfill this career path.

Growing up, many of Tabliago's family members served in the armed forces, which inspired Merwin to pursue DoD work. Merwin went to a lot of air shows where he went on base and toured fighter jets, all the more peaking his interest in this field of work.

Merwin's first job was with a lower tier defense subcontractor doing mainly design work, and during this time, he decided he wanted to learn even more. He went back to school and earned his Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering from Tufts University, where he specialized in the RF/Microwave Engineering field.

Merwin went on to work at BAE Systems, mainly focusing on system level design programs over the course of four years. He then moved to Lockheed Martin and took on a different role as a Program Engineering Manager in their missiles division. In this role, Merwin had a lot of customer interaction and had the opportunity to work with the Missile Defense Agency.

After a few years of working at Lockheed, Merwin made the move to what was at the time Herley, where he felt he had the best opportunity to better himself as an engineer and as a person. Merwin worked on proposals in this role, and after six months was asked to lead an engineering team as an Engineering Manager. In this position Merwin had the opportunity to mentor younger RF engineers who wanted to learn more about the field.

Merwin shared that the Herley/Ultra/CAES transition has offered additional opportunities for him to grow as an engineer.

“The people and the work are what keep me here. I love coming into work and seeing the people," said Merwin. “We work together to solve problems. The satisfaction you get from solving a problem is not something you can quantify, and working together to solve it is everything."

After one and a half years at Herley/Ultra/CAES, Merwin is the Engineering Manager at the Woburn site.

Outside of work you can find Merwin hiking with his girlfriend. “We'll drive up to the White Mountains two or three times a year and hike and take photos," said Merwin.

He also enjoys riding motorcycles and always tries to find different roads that can lead you to places to pull over and take in the beautiful scenery of New Hampshire.