Arlington, Va.CAES, a leading provider of mission-critical advanced RF technology, is investing in the future with a new automated tuning process that is bringing enhanced accuracy, consistency and competitiveness to its San Jose manufacturing facility. Machine learning was a key technology capability CAES utilized in the development of the new automated tuning process.

CAES San Jose has implemented the Automated Robotic Tuning (ART) system on one of its current missile programs of record since December 2022 and is looking to expand the application to other programs. By automating the tuning process, CAES is able to manufacture a much more consistent product in significantly less time. ART is also gathering information every step of the way, which will help CAES to build even better modules.

“ART is an example of how CAES is investing in cutting-edge technologies including artificial intelligence and machine learning that will ultimately lead to cost savings for our customers and the government – all while providing a consistent and reliable product,” said Dave Young, CAES Chief Technology Officer. “We’re excited about the potential of this system as we look to bring this more efficient process to future applications.”

With ART, CAES is making a significant investment in advanced manufacturing. By collecting and applying massive amounts of data, CAES engineers took a highly variable process and created an algorithm for consistent tuning. ART is 10 times more accurate and 30 times more consistent than the previous manual process. To date, ART has tuned nearly 400 units at the San Jose facility.

Because of the complexity in manufacturing, almost all of the modules CAES builds for one of its current missile programs will need tuning. By moving from skilled technicians spending hours under a microscope to applying this knowledge to an automated process, CAES technicians are able to complete the tuning process in significantly less time. The ART system saves technicians hours of labor for each unit, significantly reducing costs and increasing throughput of the factory.

ART is currently utilized for one of the highest volume products at the San Jose site, but the system also has wide applicability to expand its use in the future, with the target of being used for 75% of modules the facility builds.

“This is an exciting path forward,” said Scott Sacks, CAES Director of Advanced Technology. “As we look to the future and are able to use this system on additional products, it will save even more time and allow us to produce even lower cost, more reliable products than we already do.”

There are currently patents pending for multiple ART technologies.

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