Radiation Hardened Solutions and High Reliability Components

CAES has provided radiation hardened (RadHard) and high reliability (HiRel) components to the space and satellite industry for more than 60 years.
We are humbled that our components have been selected for flight use on every satellite launched by the open international community. CAES’ extensive flight heritage spans the Apollo missions and NASA’s Artemis deep space exploration program, and is enabling New Space applications driven by demand for commercial low-Earth orbit (LEO) satellite communications.
Offering a complete portfolio of RadHard and HiRel components, CAES serves as the foundation on which many critical applications are built.
Our product and technology suite includes memory, processors, power solutions, interconnect and analog solutions, ASICs, IP cores, as well as the development and debug infrastructure – all optimized for space. Our RadHard and HiRel components have also been widely adopted for other high reliability and harsh environments such as medical, industrial, networking and telecommunications. For satellite designers looking for components that are mission-matched and offer affordable reliability, CAES RadHard solutions provide the right mix of high reliability, radiation hardness, and affordability.

RadHard & HiRel Products

FPGA Ecosystem

CAES Simplifies Space System Design with Support for Xilinx XQRKU060 FPGA

As a continuation of a longstanding partnership between CAES and Xilinx to deliver robust solutions that meet the performance, reliability and lifecycle demands that space applications, CAES RadHard/HiRel microelectronics support Xilinx’s latest radiation tolerant FPGA. With the goal of simplifying and accelerating space system development, CAES has authenticated a majority of its discrete components needed for a complete space-ready solution based on the Kintex UltraScale XQRKU060 FPGA.

The Xilinx re-configurable FPGAs provide unmatched dependability, flexibility and scalability that enable unparalleled performance in space systems. Based on 20 nanometer technology, the Xilinx XQRKU060 FPGA features an innovative design in the architecture for Single Event Upsets (SEU) mitigation which provide unprecedented processing performance with the ability to adapt on orbit. The Xilinx XQRKU060 is available in both QML-Y compliant and QML-Q equivalent flows. Among the CAES components certified include: Arm® Microcontroller (UT32M0R500); RadHard NOR Flash (UT81NFR128G8); RadTolerant NAND Flash (UT81NDQ512G8); Crosspoint Switch (UT65CML8X8FD); CAN transceiver (UT64CAN3331); Level Translator (UT54ACS162245SLV) as well as LVDS Repeaters (UT54LVDS454 VDD=2.5V, UT54LVDS328 Octal Repeater).

In addition to these components, CAES provides IP cores to be used with the XQRKU060. The GRSRCUB FPGA scrubber and supervisor supports programming the XQRKU060 and several periodic scrubbing modes to prevent accumulation of errors in the FPGA configuration memory. CAES Gaisler's GRLIB IP library that contains over 100 peripheral IP cores together with the NOEL-V RISC-V processor and the LEON3FT and LEON5FT SPARC processors have also been adapted to support system-on-a-chip designs targeting the XQRKU060.