Filters and Multiplexers


CAES offers an extensive line of RF filters and multiplexers designed and manufactured using our internal capabilities in machining and component and substrate fabrication.

These heritage processes have proven flight pedigree in space, on board Gen 5 aircraft and shipboard platforms. CAES' proprietary plating processes enables industry leading high-Q, low loss filter performance.


RF Filters

CAES provides high performance, compact, rugged RF filters for radar, electronic warfare, space and missile applications. 


  • Lumped Element filters to 10 GHz+
  • Combline filters to 20 GHz+ 
  • Printed filters 
  • Low loss/high selectivity
  • High reliability
  • Phase matching and phase tracking to less than 2 degrees
  • Low phase noise with vibration
  • High power (greater than 5 watts peak power, greater than 1 watt average power)
image of CAES cat-filter


CAES provides high performance, compact, rugged multiplexers for radar, electronic warfare, space and missile applications.


  • 2 channels to 40  channels
  • Contiguous and non-contiguous
  • Narrow and broad bandwidths
  • Internally terminated filters
  • Low loss crossovers
  • Combination of filter technologies
image of cobham multiplexer
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Filters and Multiplexers

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